First Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Research Roundtable (SRRR)

The first Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Roundtable (SRRR1), held in Philadelphia 2016, was a major international collaborative effort that set the scene for a new direction in stroke recovery research. This collaboration demonstrated that the international community is on the same page in the search for game changing treatments that help promote excellent recovery.

Key themes for future research and collaboration emerged from SRRR1:

1. Creating consensus recommendations in key areas.

2. A radical new aim. a new dialogue and a collective collaborative investment are crucial to work towards a new goal of restitution and brain repair.

3. Better understanding of the neurobiology of spontaneous and treatment-induced recovery in human subjects.

4. Characterizing different stroke recovery phenotypes.

5. Improving implementation of evidence to clinical practice. The need for more researchers and development of a network of clinical centers of excellence in stroke recovery.

Second Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Research Roundtable (SRRR)

The second Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Roundtable (20th-22nd October 2018, Montreal, Canada), led to four consensus recommendations, again co-published, and targeting:

1. Knowledge translation of proven interventions.

2. Cognition in preclinical and clinical populations.

3. Kinematic biomechanical measurement.

4. A trial development framework for stroke recovery clinical (pre-clinical and clinical) with emphasis on quality, early phase trial development and a ‘go’, ‘no-go’ decision tree.

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