The Scientific Committee is primarily responsible for the strategic direction of the meetings to report on, progress and initiate new strategic research and other activities aligned with the ISRRA vision. Planning the (at least) annual general assembly meeting includes coordinating the dates, meeting location and agenda, as well as the themes and focus of the meetings. Additional ideas for enabling scientific engagement, communication and research mentoring sits under the remit of this group. The SC consists of up to 9 members (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and six additional committee members including SRRR, working group representatives and emerging leaders).


Tom Carmichael (USA)

Tom is a neurologist and neuroscientist in the Departments of Neurology and of Neurobiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He has active laboratory and clinical interests in stroke and neurorehabilitation and how the brain repairs from injury. His laboratory studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural repair after stroke and other forms of brain injury. 

Margit Alt Murphy (Sweden)

Margit is Associate Professor at University of Gothenburg and Senior University Hospital Specialist Physiotherapist at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. She is a leading researcher in the field of stroke rehabilitation and upper extremity assessment including kinematic movement analysis and rehabilitation. She is external reviewer for international grants including current WHO Guidelines for Rehabilitation and co-chair for ESO Guidelines.

Suresh Kumar (India)

Sureshkumar is Associate professor for the Public Health Foundation of India and Northumbria University with academic research expertise in the areas of Occupational therapy, Public Health Disability, and Epidemiology. He co-directs a Cochrane affiliate in India and advises disability initiatives of the government in two south Indian states. 

Mindy Levin (Canada)

Mindy is a physiotherapist and clinical scientist. She is a researcher and professor at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill University. She was Research Director of the Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal (1997-2001) and Physical Therapy Program Director at SPOT (2004-2008). She is currently the President of the International Society of Motor Control (2018-2022) and is a Past-President of the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation (2015-2017).

Gert Kwakkel (The Netherlands)

Gert is professor at the Amsterdam University 
Medical Centre. He is dedicated to translational research in the field of neurorehabilitation with a special focus on the longitudinal relationship between brain plasticity and neuronal recovery post stroke. 

Nick Ward (England)

Nick is Professor of Clinical Neurology & Neurorehabilitation at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology and The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square. He leads the first dedicated upper limb neurorehabilitation programme in the UK. His work seeks to understand the mechanisms of recovery of movement after stroke to predict both optimal treatments and long term outcomes of upper limb impairment after stroke. 

Natasha Lannin (Australia)

Professor Natasha Lannin is based at Monash University in the Department of Neuroscience (Medicine) in a joint appointment with The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. She is an occupational therapist by professional background, and a Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation Academy of Research and the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy. She leads the Brain Recovery and Rehabilitation Research Group, and their research focuses on improving long-term outcomes for adults after stroke.